Frecious bestellersbox

Frecious box with our favourite items like premium slow juices, elixers en vegi granola.



Chef's tip

Frecious is known for its slow juices which always contain +300 grams of vegetables per juice and are 100% organic. They screw press all the ingredients for the most nutrient-rich vegetable juice.

Prepare and Store

Get a vegetable juice from your freezer. Place it in the refrigerator straight away so that it can thaw slowly over 24 hours for your health boost the next day. Need to thaw your juice more quickly? You can do it within 15 minutes in warm water.



1 x Glorious Green

1 x Celery Slim

1 x Carrot Care

1 x Heart Beet

1 x Liquid Gold

1 x BoerenCool

1 x Marvelous Melon


1 x Beauty Elixer

1 x Immunity Elixer


1 x Berry Ginger


1 x Pumpkin Spice Granola

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