Januari 08


By Luka Kessels

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Vood x Sustainability.

Sustainability is a popular topic that is widely discussed nowadays. It has many facets and aspects that still need to be explored or accepted. But what can you do yourself to live a bit more sustainably? Turning off the tap between brushing your teeth, lowering the heating, and occasionally skipping meat are all steps in the right direction. Vood can support you in this with our diverse and healthy meals. In addition to the Nutri Score A and the good amount of veggies, they are also vegan. So, perfect for plant-curious individuals!

With just one vegan day a week, you can save up to 143kg of CO2 per year! Various studies indicate that the average vegan diet emits up to 60% fewer greenhouse gases. The comparison between a plant-based diet and a diet with an average amount of meat (50 to 99 grams per day) shows that a plant-based diet reduces emissions by about half.

In addition to the vegan aspect, Vood is also committed to working more sustainably by using cardboard packaging and sleeves made of 90% recycled material. The seasonal meals released each season also feature vegetables harvested at that time.

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