Vood meals via Smart-Freezer

The ideal solution for a quick healthy meal on location or take-home.

The leading plant-based D2C subscription company in The Netherlands.

Empowering positive change.

Served over 125.000 meals to 10.000+ customers over the last two years.

Ready in 10 minutes

Healthy ready meals of extraordinary quality, ready in minutes.

Cooked by chefs. 100% plant-based

Making the healthy and sustainable choice a no brainer.

Surprisingly tasty and complete meals

✓ World cuisine
✓ 16+ recipes
✓ Surprisingly tasty recipes
✓ Cooked by our chefs
✓ Nutriscore A
✓ 200g+ veggies
✓ Fulfilling portions (480g)
✓ Shock frozen for highest quality

With more than 15 delicous recipes inspired by international cuisines

The Do-Gooder with a busy agenda

We focus on those who need convenience, flexibility and healthy food, but who is limited by time, inspiration and/or motivation to cook for themselves.

• 53% female - 47% male
• Largest group age 25-50y
• Preference for a natural, simple and flexible diet
• Tries less meat but doesn’t always know how
• Lives busy lives
• Overrepresented urban areas

How it Works

1. Hold your debit or credit card against the
payment terminal to open the freezer door 

2. Grab your desired meal(s) 

3. The costs for your meal(s) are automatically
withdrawn from your bank account 

4. Heat-up & enjoy 

A high traffic location and electricity for the freezer.
We take care of all the rest (monitoring, fulfilment, etc).

Changing the world with a positive vibe

Making a healthy lifestyle easy

While contributing to the environment

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