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We Are Vood

Our mission at Vood is to make vegan the new standard in food. We strive to make plant-based food accessible to everyone, whether you're already vegan or simply curious to try.

Positive change

With the climate crisis urging individuals to reduce their carbon footprint, switching to a vegan diet has become one of the most effective measures. By introducing people to plant-based food in a positive way, we believe we can make a positive impact on the environment

A maternity box as a lifesaver

With a newborn baby, eating properly and regularly can be a challenge. A lack of time and desire to shop or cook quickly leads to a quick bite of something left in the cupboard, ordering food, or even not eating at all. While a nutritious meal is essential for brand-new parents to stay on their feet and recover optimally.

How we do it

By creating exciting, balanced, and healthy plant-based meals that cater to various taste preferences.

Making our meals accessible to everybody who is curious about plant-based food, regardless of their dietary preferences.

Ensuring that our meals are readily available when you don't feel like cooking or don't have the time.

Make healthy eating easy

All our meals are healthy and balanced, containing a minimum of 200 grams of vegetables and all the nutrients a complete meal should have. By making plant-based eating as accessible as possible, we encourage people to eat healthier

Ready meals 2.0

Traditional prepared food is often associated with the use of inferior ingredients, a limited amount of vegetables, excessive salt content, and automated production. Additionally, the portion size of a ready meal often does not meet the needs.

At Vood, we change the game with delicious and satisfying vegan meals that defy the stereotypes associated with ready-made food.

Stay tuned

The story behind our boxes goes further than you might think and the ambitions are grand but realistic. We like to keep you informed through our free newsletter.

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