January 08


By Luka Kessels

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To freeze or not to freeze.

The meals from Voodmeals are delivered frozen and sold in a frozen state. But what does this mean exactly for the quality of the meals?

We proudly advertise with the term 'frozen fresh,' which, in a nutshell, means that the product is rapidly cooled and frozen immediately after preparation. The shock-freeze method we employ ensures that the essential nutrients, those your body cannot produce on its own and therefore requires an external food source, are effectively preserved. This innovative technology essentially 'captures' the nutrients and flavors, allowing you to retrieve a nutritious and tasty dish from your freezer at any time.

In some cases, frozen products may even contain more vitamins and minerals than fresh food. This is because fresh food loses vitamins and minerals over time, while freezing effectively halts this degradation process, preserving these essential nutrients.

Of course, there are also chilled meals, or meals from the refrigerated section. These have been made more recently than frozen meals and are essentially 'fresher' than their frozen counterparts. However, they often contain more preservatives and additives to ensure a longer shelf life. This can result in a higher content of salt, sugars, and other additives, which is particularly relevant for people looking to limit their intake of these components. This is not an issue for Vood's frozen meals, as they contain no preservatives.

So, when you choose Vood's frozen meals, you're not only getting the convenience of a quick and easy meal, but you're also ensuring that the nutritional value and freshness are locked in, providing a delicious and wholesome dining experience.

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