Meal Delivery

Meal delivery is an integral part of our busy lifestyles these days. Whether you're looking for flavorful, fresh dishes or quick microwave meals, at Vood we meet your needs with our all-vegetable offerings.

From subscriptions to one-time orders, having healthy food delivered offers convenience and time savings without sacrificing the quality of your meals. Discover the best options for your lifestyle and taste preferences with Vood!

Choose your healthy meal plan

A meal subscription is a popular way to receive nutritious and fresh meals. Whether you have a busy lifestyle or just don't like to cook, subscription meals can be the solution to staying healthy. Vood offers the option of placing a one-time order or choosing a flexible subscription.

What exactly does this flexible subscription entail?

- 10% discount on every order

- Free cancellation whenever you want

- Weekly, fortnightly or monthly home delivery

- Change your subscription at any time

- Free delivery from an expenditure of €60

Next, choose your preferred delivery day, Tuesday or Thursday, and leave instructions for the delivery person. Then you go on to information & shipping and finally make the payment. Then all you have to do is make sure you're home at the time of delivery, Vood's flexible subscription is that simple!

Microwave meals delivered to your home

At Vood, we have a diverse selection of all-vegetable meals that are not only healthy, but also delicious. Below are three examples of meals from our offerings:

Triple Truffle Risotto 

A flavorful risotto made with a variety of mushrooms and truffle oil. This dish is perfect for a healthy and filling meal.

Rainbow Bowl

A colorful and nutritious bowl filled with quinoa, jackfruit in sticky BBQ sauce and various fresh vegetables. A delicious and nutritious dish that will give you energy.

Indian Pumpkin Curry

A flavorful curry with pumpkin, tempeh and various Indian spices. Perfect for lovers of spicy food.

Curious about Vood's full selection of meals? Then check out all of our delicious and healthy dishes.

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Your delivery service for fresh meals

Vood has a wide range of all-vegetable frozen meals made from fresh ingredients with no added preservatives. Freezing the meals preserves the nutrients and allows you to enjoy a healthy meal at any time.

All you have to do is take out a subscription via the Vood website. This gives you the freedom to adjust the number of dishes and delivery frequency to suit your needs. Our meal delivery service will then deliver your chosen box of delicious, vegan meals to your door. Order now!

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