Meal service

With Vood's meal service, you never have to worry about thinking, shopping and cooking nutritious dishes again. Our vegan dishes are not only good for you, but also for the environment.

Through our website you can easily order online and we will deliver weekly to your home. Save time and eat healthy with Vood's healthy meal service at home - what are you waiting for?

Your healthy meal service at home

At Vood, order healthy food easily and quickly with home meal service.

1. Choose your desired dishes and delivery time online.

2. Our chefs prepare fresh and healthy meals using only plant-based ingredients.

3. Receive our meal boxes weekly at home, chilled and ready to reheat.

4.Enjoy the convenience of healthy and nutritious meals without having to cook your own meals.

Our meals

Vood offers a diverse range of delicious and plant-based dishes from different world cuisines. Below are some examples of meals from their offerings:


This is a plant-based and spicy version of a traditional Bolognese sauce. The dish is made with fresh vegetables and plant-based minced meat.

Super Fly Pad Thai

The vegan version of the classic Thai dish Pad Thai. The meal contains rice noodles, fresh vegetables and a slightly spicy sauce.

Mash & Balls

This dish is a combination of Dutch kale with traditional Swedish meatballs, but plant-based. It contains soy and is child and calorie friendly.

Curious about Vood's full selection of meals? Then check out all of our delicious and healthy dishes.

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Healthy vegan meals delivered to your home weekly

For a wide selection of vegan meals carefully curated and prepared with love, visit Vood.

These meals are all nutrient-rich, high in vegetables and free of artificial flavors and preservatives. With a meal subscription, you can easily have healthy and tasty dishes delivered to your home every week. In this way, you are assured of varied and nutritious meals, without costing you time or effort.

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