Exciting vegan meals ready in 10 minutes!

Freshly prepared frozen meals that help you eat healthy and balanced when you don't have time or feel like cooking.

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We Are Vood

Our mission at Vood is to make vegan the new standard in food. We strive to make plant-based food accessible to everyone, whether you're already vegan or simply curious to try.

PlantB becomes Vood

Plant-based food now really has the chance to become the new normal. We support this growth completely as the vegan cheerleaders that we are. Plant B makes high quality plant-based ready meals affordable and available to as many people as possible.

How does it work?

1. Build your box

Choose from a diverse range of freshly made plant-based meals.

2. Flexible delivery

Choose the delivery date that suits you. The products will be delivered frozen.

3. Heat up and enjoy

Within 10 minutes, you'll have a complete meal on your plate. Easily prepared in the oven or microwave.