March 01


By Joost Esser

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Plant-based foods have gained unprecedented popularity due to their health benefits and high levels of sustainability. 10 years ago the Israeli, Moroccan and Indian cuisine were almost unknown to us. But due to the rise of vegan food, we feast daily on these exotic and mainly easy vegan meals. It literally makes life more fun and healthier.

Major win or are there also disadvantages to vegan food?

To keep up with a new good intention, it is important that it is not made too difficult for you. For example, it can be overwhelming to learn to cook new dishes and shop with new (vegan) eyes. Many of us are therefore looking for an easy vegan dinner. Fortunately, there are ever more easy vegan meals.

Will an easy vegan dinner be at the expense of the quality or health benefits?

Sometimes yes, meat substitutes are not always healthy because of the high salt percentage and the flavor enhancers. But plant-based meat substitutes are in most cases still much healthier than meat from the bio-industry. And from an ethical and sustainability point of view it’s a no brainer, meat substitutes always score much higher than meat.

Turning fast food into fast good

Convenience and speed have long ceased to be synonymous with unhealthy food. For example, within fast food there is a rise of fresh-frozen plant-based meals. These easy vegan dinners have started a revolution. They turn fast food into fast good!

In addition to dinner, there is also breakfast or an easy vegan lunch. My personal favorite is an easy vegan curry. You can wake me up for this delicious bad boy.

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