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Eight surprising vegan meals. Something different tasty every day! Now also available as a subscription.

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We Are Vood

Our mission at Vood is to make vegan the new standard in food. We strive to make plant-based food accessible to everyone, whether you're already vegan or simply curious to try.

Convenience of a subscription

With a subscription, you will receive delicious and varied meals at home every week or every two weeks, tailored to your specific tastes and preferences.

This way, you no longer have to spend time and energy preparing healthy meals yourself and save time that you can spend on other important things in your life.

Weekly home delivered

Step 1

Order one of five suggested meal packages or choose individual meals to suit your needs and preferences. How many meals do you wish to receive? And what portion size?

Step 2

Go to your shopping cart and choose the 'flexible subscription' option. Then go through all the steps of the ordering process on our website until you have paid.

Step 3

Warm up the meal and enjoy! Experience a new culinary experience every week with Vood's meal subscription from different countries and cuisines.


Make sure you have room in your refrigerator or freezer to store the meals once they are delivered to your home on your desired date.

Benefits flexible subscription

10% discount on every order

- Free cancellation whenever you want

- Weekly, fortnightly or monthly home delivery

- Change your subscription at any time

- Free delivery from an expenditure of €60

Next, choose your preferred delivery day, Tuesday or Thursday, and leave instructions for the delivery person. Then you go on to information & shipping and finally make the payment. Then all you have to do is make sure you are home at the time of delivery, that's how simple Vood's flexible subscription is!

Healthy vegan meals

Vood's meals are special because they are 100% plant-based and prepared with love and care. They contain no artificial additives or preservatives and are rich in nutrients.

The dishes are varied and flavorful. From curries and stews to pasta and a stew: Vood shows that healthy and sustainable food does not have to be boring or difficult and is also very tasty!

Quickly warmed up in the microwave or oven

Reheating Vood's meals is very easy. The dishes are delivered frozen, so they keep longer. All you have to do is reheat the meals in the microwave or oven, and they are ready to enjoy.

This saves you a lot of time and hassle in the kitchen, while still enjoying healthy and tasty food. Moreover, Vood allows you to choose the size of your portions, so you won't waste food and contribute to a more sustainable world. Win-win!

Curious about Vood's full selection of meals? Then check out all of our delicious and healthy dishes.

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