Healthy meal boxes that help you achieve your goals.

With a vegan meal box from Plant B, making healthy choices becomes easy and delicious. Each vegan box is created in collaboration with nutritionists, to provide you with the perfect support to achieve your goals.

A vegan meal box that does what it says.

When ordering a vegan box, you want your life to be made more fun and easier. And that starts with clearly explaining what to expect from a vegan package and then delivering on this promise.

Vegan meal boxes are in huge uplift as the healthy and sustainable benefits have grown considerably in prominence.When ordering, always pay close attention to whether it is a vegetarian or vegan meal box. Vegetarian ready meals may still contain animal ingredients such as egg or cheese. At Plant B we believe in the power of plants. That's why our meal boxes are always 100% vegan.

A vegan frozen meal box takes the hassle out of cooking.

At first you would say that the biggest advantage of frozen meals is convenience. But if you take a second look, convenience may be secondary to the high quality of a frozen vegan meal box. After all, the nutritional value is perfectly preserved so there is no need to add nasty stuff while preparing a vegan box.

Opzoek naar een plant based maaltijdbox die helpt om jouw doel te realiseren? De plant based maaltijden van Plant B zijn gezond en smaken naar meer.

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